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Taxi drivers plenty of water can reduce the risk of . prostate disease

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the Dragon master, after another lackluster by prostatitis. magnet strong

in Shenzhen pengcheng hospital more than 46 years old, Dragon masters late night urinary frequency, always have to get up in the night to urinate three or four times a day, sleep or sleep well, days has no spirit, driving traffic accidents almost occur that day. To the hospital for a check, it was found suffering from prostatitis. Master Dragon, told this reporter, among so many taxi drivers in Shenzhen, as far as I know, with health problems like me a lot, always sitting as usual, there is no movement of time, especially when passengers, very little time to even go to the toilet. garcinia loss

Jia Zhengran (Jia Zhengran, Deputy Chief physician, master of medicine, Shenzhen pengwu hospital male special health adviser. Graduated Yu Hunan Chinese medicine University, Fujian Medical University postgraduate graduated, Chinese medical will urinary surgical society Guangdong Province branch member) told author, now taxi drivers and some private cars main, long time driving, a opened is several even a dozen a hours, very easy makes body metabolism property stacked, plus recently weather comparison wet, blood cycle variable difference, caused prostate glands tube blocking, glands liquid excretion does not CHEONG, makes prostate chronic congestive, induced prostate inflammatory, led different degree of urine frequency, and urine anxious, and urine pain, and All urine and other symptoms. garcinia cambogia g complex

Andrology expert reminder: Shenzhen invasion of taxi drivers watch out prostatitis.

Jia Zhengran Director said, driving a family regardless of men and women are particularly susceptible to cervical spondylosis. If heart long tense, slow blood flow, is likely to induce heart attacks. Suggested long time while driving away, every one or two hours to get off activity, do some limbs and waist stretch, relax nerves, and view or eye exercises to alleviate eye fatigue.

drove many families usually drinking less, often holding back urine, also will form a direct stimulus for urinary tract, so it is easy to make prostatitis symptoms aggravate. Experts suggested that the time intervals 5 minute window open, fresh air, going out when the road is not far . from the best car, drink lots of water and urination. Often transform while driving posture, summer heat dissipation of bamboo on the seat cushion, life must be regular, not often stay up late.

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Latest cure epilepsy . new achievements and create a new era of treatment of epilepsy

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epilepsy disease latest cure new results created treatment epilepsy disease era

suffers from epilepsy disease, for many patients and family for, is a very pain of tortured, it of continued attack, and it of Jiuzhi does not more, and it of repeatedly attack, let many people are think epilepsy disease is. incurable., so on will has a questions: have a technology can thoroughly cure epilepsy disease does?

21st century is a century against epilepsy, Tibetan medicine Beijing Tibetan Hospital launched lossless integrated therapy for epilepsy, epilepsy Jiuzhi do not heal, frequent bring trouble to the patient, can finally end. After three years of clinical application and observation: Epilepsy cure rate boost, completely said good-bye to the recurrent problems, recurrence rate of less than three years 3‰, recurrence rate of less than five years 7‰, has created a miracle in the history of the treatment for epilepsy.

Diagnostics: Beijing Tibetan hospital relying on strong public hospital medical diagnosis by Chinese forces, domestic authoritative epilepsy expert, minimizes the rate of misdiagnosis of epilepsy.

treatment: experts develop all-round individual stereo for patients with different treatment options. Divided into drug treatment and apparatus for controlling treatment and secondary treatment.

it is learned that. Tibetan medicine comprehensive therapy of epilepsy in non-destructive. early in the domestic promotion, with its excellent. strength. attention of the international anti-epilepsy Alliance (ILAE) and the United States national institutes of health (NHI) maximum, and strongly calling for global research and development institutions began widely promoted the offer.

in most patients with epilepsy are also hesitant and choose when, many patients have joined the. Tibetan medicine comprehensive therapy of epilepsy in non-destructive. treatment . of epilepsy. Are patients with the treatment centres in order to facilitate more consultation appointment opened a therapy at 010-64987570, in addition, patients can visit their official Web site: learn more about this technology.

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Netherlands researchers draw . a graph structure and composition of the hepatitis b virus

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Netherlands University Utrecht researchers use a newly developed technology of spraying, drawing out the structure and composition of the hepatitis b virus. The study is published in the latest issue of the United States Academy and the journal of applied chemistry, scientists further understand and fight against hepatitis b infection. Research methods can also be used for the analysis of terrorists might use biological weapons contained a virus.

in order to better understand and combat infection, it is necessary to carefully check for viruses at the molecular level. Scientists will use mass spectrometer technology to identify molecules, this technology can also be used to paint traces of identification in forensic investigation. Mass spectrometer technology in particular are good at identifying small molecules, but the virus is too large to be using the standard approach to making it happen.

the use of the improved type mass spectrometer technology, researchers observe the structure and composition of the hepatitis b virus. In the spectrometer, complemented by researchers not only viruses of different shapes, also observed the molecular structure of the virus, which makes future production against possible virus infection by blocking viruses.

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Embedding weight-how much . is the price

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related searches: catgut embedding to lose weight weight loss price Shanghai prices of traditional Chinese medicine catgut embedding to lose weight lose weight losing weight with catgut price how much

embedding weight-how much is the price? now, obesity has become increasingly common, beautiful people are more and more you want to lose weight. There’s a lot of weight loss methods, embedding to weight loss is a common choice for some people in the new solution. Embedding weight-how much is the price? we’ll look at slimming experts described below.

embedding weight-how much is the price? Beijing General Hospital Center for plastic and cosmetic weight loss slimming experts for embedding to lose weight following introduction to the price, let know.

according to a Beijing Military Hospital Center for plastic and cosmetic weight loss slimming experts, embedding to lose weight is the extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion slimming, relative to the more secure, being a modified moxibustion. It is embedding apparatus protein magnetizing corresponding point-line implantation, stimulation of points through the line style remains in force, to achieve the purpose of losing weight. This method of embedding a dozen days 1, specifically depends on the new solution of the case to be dispensing with needle once a day of trouble and pain in patients with obesity, is busy modern people’s preferred method of losing weight.

Beijing General Hospital Center for plastic and cosmetic weight loss slimming down, experts say, because different beauty make embedding part of losing weight, obesity is clearly differentiated, so embedding weight price will change. Also, different plastic surgery hospital, the expert levels are also very different, a higher level of experts is of course more desirable weight-reducing effect brought about by, at the same time, catgut weight prices are relatively high.

embedding weight-how much is the price? lifting operation which better? Thin face what method? It is clear that you are embedding weight-price depends on your personal circumstances. In response, the authority of Beijing General Hospital Center for plastic and . cosmetic weight loss slimming specialist is always online, and can provide you with a detailed introduction, you are welcome to click and consult ‘ understanding.

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Cosmetics brand: the poem . Al Dan brand

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a legend from coming out of the laboratory in 1947, the people engaged in fine chemical industry research and poems by train Baja, come to France—-in the southern region of Provence together with his childhood friend—–skin care manufacturing experts (John.Jackson) was founded (gemeiduoer Research Center) gemeiduoer skin care research centre Al poems here, Dan spent 5 years of concentrated study on formula of skin, for different needs, development varies from skin skin care recipes, creating different and diverse skin care products to help female skin problem, the creation of modern maintenance mode of the current skin care products. First name drops of morning dew line of skin care products and fresh, healthy and simple as the idea of

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Skin and get rid of . greasy in summer

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a lot of people, even for mixed skin or dry skin, a big oil will start to summer. Select controlled oil products will only be more serious.

in the summer, everyone’s face was slimy. However, some mm skins, although oil from La, but still dry and peeling. Why? this is due to the imbalance caused by skin oil. The following, to the skin to develop a plan for oil-water balance, skin completely get rid of greasy in summer.


2. Exfoliating down frequency and heat of the summer, skin vulnerable to water shortages, exfoliation somewhat accidentally, such as slightly larger force, over time, the frequency is too high, can cause skin sensitivity, or whether it should pass with continuous apply moisturizing cream mask replenishment or has been in deep water, improving skin metabolism speed.

3. See components specially selected moisturizing products select moisturizing products of when, most needs concern two class special of supplement water moisturizing components: class is caught water master, as transparent mass acid, and bone glue original, and supplement water factor, they can firmly seize air in the of water to moisturizing skin; second class is lock water master, as collagen mass, and stretch pigment, and glass uric acid, they has hydrophilic, can and skin in of free water phase dissolved and lock, makes water is not easy to was evaporation.

oil balance plan

1. Moderate in moisturizing oil every use moisturizing products, needs to contain the right amount of oil, dry skin, can guarantee the oil content of the epidermis to lock moisture in skin cells. For oily skin, skin surface with an appropriate amount of oil, but too much oil control skin secretion, maintain the skin’s oil balance.

2. Jie surface products instead moderate type summer in, Jie surface products must cannot only stressed wash NET function, then skin of oil secretion function special does not stability, to timely replaced moderate type of Jie surface products to skin gentle care, best select contains natural plant components or added has . moisturizing factor of, and oily skin even has to oil demand also must to select both moisturizing efficacy of Jie surface products.

3. Rein in wash water temperature in summer, hot weather, many people like to wash my face with cold water. Cold water does have a cool cooling effect, but cold water stimulation of capillaries of the skin tightening, dirt retention within the pores on the face. Summer best with warm water wash your face, not only easily dirt removal, wash face and have a real sense of cool.

TIPS 1. Oil water skin and water shortage are more important when strong State, oil secretion system will secrete oils to lock up residual moisture of the skin, especially during the summer months, when skin grease, Mong Kok, don’t just blindly to the oil, even more should pay attention to the water.

2. water, moisture is two steps up water is directly of epidermal and dermal layers to add moisture to the skin, such as makeup water in order to improve the moisture content of skin while moisturizing the steps are intended to prevent skin from moisture evaporation and destination are locked water does not drain, but couldn’t solve the problem of water shortage of skin.

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3 easy almond . mask

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3 mask

1 easy almond, Almond protein mask

material: almond, egg protein

practice: take proper amount of almonds and protein, will be peeled almonds soaked with hot water, then into mud, facing joining protein, 20 minutes.

function: eliminate Peutz, tender skin.

3 tomato mask

2 easy almond, almond mask

material: three teaspoons of tomato, almond powder

practices: connect the tomato skins into the paste, then add almond powder mixing, deposited on the surface for about 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

function: it is well known that tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, and teems with alpha hydroxy acid, can effectively remove dead skin and facial for skin to add moisture. Mix whiten moisturizing effect of almond flour, skin always has sufficient moisture.

3 easy almond mask

3, banana almond mask

material: banana, almond powder, honey

: the bananas and cut into small pieces, into the mud-like, add almond powder, honey mix around eyes and lips, mask uniformly coloured, wash 15-20 minutes.

function: almond flour contains almond oil, topical to repair skin . elastic tissue, fight wrinkles and moisturizing the skin effect, banana nutrition-rich, with a substance called effect of banana, Xiaoyan sterilization, supple skin tender skin and preventing skin splits and wrinkles.

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Explaining the four skills of salt . skin

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cleansing salt: controlling shrink the pores, removing dead skin

deep sea bath salt wash your face, deep clean the skin, wipe out grease and horny, make you big invisible pores. Select Jie surface salt, also to under own of skin mass and uses to selected, must don’t was those color charming of small particles head, casually buy

how with salt wash (with salt wash of method):

wash Shi, first with water clean facial, then then scoop a spoon Jie surface salt, joined water mix, with fingertip dipped take brine from forehead to mandibular smudge, means abdominal gently massage 30 seconds Hou, with warm water washing clean. Don’t let salt stayed too long on the face, so as not to stimulate the skin. Oily skin who often use cleansing salt wash tight skin oil control effect can be achieved.

facial kneading, rubbing, and so on. Let us look at the following simple comprehensive facial six step methods, pretty six-step off of the wash-wash my face started to

alerts: everyday life people often make some invalid labor, to wash my face, for example, there are four things you should be doing things, consumption can be time consuming and is not conducive to skin fitness.

foot bath salts: reject cracked feet white Nun Nun

often bubbling foot bath, not only make your feet with its . tender white lubrication and systemic blood circulation much smoother. Relative to the cleansing salts and bath salt, foot bath salt particles of larger, and on components that were often dominated by acidic substances such as salicylic acid, uric acid may be better to soften the feet the stratum corneum, increases skin moisture. “Never more than half an hour of hot-water foam feet”

recommended to buy a wooden foot bath barrel, so you can make your legs are submerged in water, foot bath salt foaming feet before going to bed every day, it can eliminate fatigue, will make the skin on your feet away from the splits more moisture.

alerts: increased rhagadia vinegar dips hot-water foam foot control

shampoo salt: stay away from hair loss hair not greasy

select a shampoo containing Chinese medicinal substance salt, dirt can not only wash your hair and scalp, dandruff and also avoids To cut off the hair of the head, shave, become a monk, and back hair a healthy shine. But every day shampoo salt should not be used, generally 5 days at a time, also effective in preventing hair loss.

extended reading: at night after washing hair, if it has enough time to make hair dry didn’t go to bed, then of course the best. But sometimes really busy right now, after 10 o’clock shampoo, washing your eyelids heavy and tired after the headers to keep my eyes open … Washing hair at night against multi-

bath salt: safe use make skin smooth and delicate

bath salt contains trace elements human body required multiple, skin of course useful, added nutrition composition of essential oils can also be added the skin and make skin healthy rich luster. Before the bath salt, to be a simple skin test: in the arms of medial soft parts of bath salt, if skin tingling sense, is not recommended.

bath salt once a week, try not to frequent use. Combined with massage with essential oil skin look better.

more information is contained in seven major drawbacks in the beauty salon management

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Standardized beauty store managers how to be a good . leader

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to become a qualified beauty salon Manager, is not something about the night express. It like a tree tree of growth as, is a progressive development of process, as the soil and water is saplings thrive of basic elements, leadership ability of habit and development needs following several factors:

a, and find own of Center principles and values

2000 years Qian, Rome history home think, to became great men is God destined to, human cannot changed; to has this century, was after research Hou, Come to the conclusion it is sense. In 1989, the United States two professors at Stanford School of management study points out that leaders should have goals, dedicated, visionary.

identified and documented their central principles and values, is the first element to be an excellent leader, you must first develop.

identified their central principles, and often use these as guidelines for reflection, adjust their lifestyles and work rules. This is done, is to cultivate a sense of purpose and mission.

, practice their own set of principles and objectives for the second

when we were doing things should be done to match words with deeds, identified targets towards the target to do not such encounters a condition, then action taken pursuant to decisions. In the mind imagine good situations and decisions action, so if a situation occurs, we can calmly strain by the original vision.

action can produce the results of a share an inner strength, it does not come from idea or value, but from the action.


four, derailment when self-correction

to make people completely devoted to their Center values, their deeds, almost impossible, a person will inevitably point rail occasionally. Requiring employees to not be late, for instance, left early, but today they have delayed some time, not acting on it, then what should I do? This requires our self correction. In the values and behavior is not consistent at all times, the practice that people choose, they decide what will become of him, so we must resist pressure to return to the original track.

of course, loyal to the faith, what’s wrong with the change, requires a lot of courage. But precisely because it is not simple, they are able to offer hope and a chance to succeed. And corrected once a slight delay, it is easy to rationalize, eventually changing values and beliefs to suit it.

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How stars anti-. aging

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age, everyone through the process, why stars are always young beautiful beauty appear in front of you? How do stars of anti-aging?

how stars anti-aging collagen

wrinkles appear because collagen of skin breakage due to lost, so that after the 1982 collagen injection invention, caused a huge stir in the world. At that time almost all people who believe that human beings can say goodbye to wrinkles brings the people worry about. But it was soon discovered, by injection of collagen just only lasting 1-3 months. Collagen is a pretty safe lifting products. Some older than larger stars should be willing to use collagen, especially when playing age span a very big role. Figures of speech when he was young, collagen injection, as the film proceeds, and old characters in the play, which is administered by injection of collagen is gradually disappearing, wrinkle and slowly climbed up the face. But for younger stars such as the age of 40, repeat injections make them prohibitive.

how stars anti-aging injection in sheep placenta

This is the most ordinary people believe that the star of a means of staying young. But medical science confirms that sheep placenta will have little effect of. Even if works is a one-time, administered by injection of sheep placenta will soon be absorbed by the body and drain out. If sheep placenta, other than to play the role of anti-aging. Like the already existing wrinkles and sagging, aging signs are not sheep placenta removed.

how stars anti-aging Botox

a term for this is also very popular. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin. When injected into facial muscles, it will immediately block the nerves affecting muscle control, thus interrupting the facial muscle contractions, reduces wrinkles. Mainly the wrinkles and stretch to achieve temporary role to eliminate wrinkles. General maintenance time for 4 months. But Botox stretch crepe is sacrificed at the same time of facial expressions, to laugh or cry. Loss of laughing and crying faces. This is on the screen in a public place does facial rich performances of stars is a taboo. And Botox just only for 4 months or so. Injection of more than four times, botulinum toxin will no longer be effective. Botulinum toxin is obviously not of Star choice.

how stars anti-aging uric acid, hyaluronic acid also known as

collagen with hyaluronic acid is a component of skin, mainly water, there is a significant moisturizing effect, is a very safe reduce wrinkle filler. But can only maintain the 6-8 months. Our latest product, Germany arteface hyaluronic acid of Han fu company, maintaining time can be extended to one year. This should be a lot of Star choice, hyaluronic acid injections will feel the pain. Congestion time is long, repeat injections, which stars of unprofitable for taking the time to go to regular injections of hyaluronic acid is very difficult. Occasional injections, wrinkles all reproduced after the failure of hyaluronic acid, star will laotai show. It is the star most don’t want to see the consequences. Is within its validity period, due to continued skin aging, collagen is also continuing loss, wrinkles will gradually emerge.

how stars anti-aging Artecoll, English name Artecoll

how stars . anti-aging it? Artecoll is the only one to stimulate the skin collagen products, fundamentally solves the problem of wrinkles and other skin defects. Is only maintained for more than a year or more of the world’s products. In 1985 in Germany has been 22 years since the invention of history. Is one by one in the world at the same time the EU CE and the United States FDA, China State food and Drug Administration approved of the huge majority of countries in the world, such as long-acting lift products. So it’s worth we focus on. Artecoll contains 80% of collagen protein in solution (collagen produced in Australia), 20% microspheres of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA microspheres), 0.3% of lidocaine. After being injected correctly to the deep DermIS, collagen injection plays a supporting role, PMMA has plenty of room to stimulate the body’s own collagen growth. PMMA microspheres collagen by human body tightly wrapped without moving, it will not be absorbed by the body, lasting to maintain dynamic balance of the plastic parts of collagen in the skin. Of course, as people continue to age, skin collagen will continue to lose, but the PMMA microspheres will continue to stimulate new collagen to fill the space left by the loss of collagen. Staying young skin.

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